IO GAMES 161 Free Games

Give a look in the past and battle others with our full list of most popular "io" games! Don't be deluded by graphics. While there are a lot of funny and simple games, you will still find a great selection for those who are eager for challenge. But the fun doesn't stop there. For the first time, games dating as far back as the ' 80s and ' 90s now have online multiplayer added! That means you've got to show your crazy skills in real-time action and beat the scores on the leaderboard.

What are .io Games?

Games with "io" extention belong to "io" series—real-time multiplayer games. They typically resemble a battle arena, where players can earn points by killing each other. And top players will make it into the game's leaderboard. The best known "io" games are "" and "".

Get ready to make a retrospective journey to the world of classic "Snake" in its iImproved multiplayer brother "". Move across the board eating glowing bubbles to fatten your snake. But watch out! Other players chase after the same food and it's just a matter of a single clash to stop your poor critter on-the-spot!

Looking for some serious balancing action using the keyboard? Then you must try ""! Create your own custom ball and keep your balance on the platform while trying to bump off your enemies. It is an iconic "King of the Hill" for up to three players (no cuts and bruises)!

Want to experience a simple life? "" is just what you need! Nothing could be simpler than being a cell. All you need to do is navigate across the map, eat small colored dots, grow bigger, evolve and multiply. But watch out for other players, otherwise your journey will be cut shot!

Want some good military action? "" is the best choice! Navigate a ball-shaped tank and shoot obstacles. Upgrade your tank as soon as possible if you don't want to become cannon fodder for other players, who have an itch for fighting!If you are a fan of strategies, shooters or platform games, here you will find dozens to choose from. Go back to the simple gameplay and take fight to others!