Worms.Zone is an online arcade game inspired by some of the classics of the .io genre. Control a little worm and help it grow bigger by consuming food naturally found around the level or dropped by other deceased worms. Stay away from the players who have been at it for a long time and managed to grow to enormous sizes. Make the others run into you by blocking the way to get additional points.

Although Worms Zone io looks very familiar and plays almost exactly like several other similar games, it has certain distinct features that help it stand out. First of all, the food you consume actually looks like food, not some generic energy orbs. Corn, bread, sweets and many other delicious treats are beautifully drawn and make Worms.Zone just a bit more enjoyable and satisfying. Then there is the system of bonuses which, when collected, provide boosts to your field of view, speed, gathering distance etc.

Dozens of gamers can play at the same time, so the giant map of Worm Zone is always full of enemies and unexpected surprises. The best way to grow quicker is to look for spots with a high concentration of players – one of them will eventually make a mistake spilling everything they’ve collected for you to feast on.

Worm.Zone is available on PC for free – just open its page on Kevin Games and enjoy!

Worms.Zone is one of the best io Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Worms.Zone has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.6 / 5 with 480 votes.

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  1. Quinn Quinn 13 july 2020, 07:04
    1. Cheng Qian Cheng Qian 17 september 2020, 22:58
      i am never smaller than lenth 11 after i die
      1. luuu luuu 03 november 2020, 16:58