Congratulations, now you’re a piranha and your task is to eat gift bears and to fight for survival with other piranhas. Sounds weird? Meet Piranh.io! Swim across the boundless ocean, eat bear power-ups. They help you to level up. Don’t forget about gifts you need to take too, because they contain additional skills like Turbo, Recharging, Maneuvering, Aquarium, Laser and Enemy Freeze. No doubt, they will help you to get through the enemy attacks in piranh.io. Don’t relax, this game is not as easy as you may think. We don’t tell you about all the secrets. As practice shows, the game gives more fun, if the player doesn’t know any details, he feels himself a real pioneer, no matter how many players played there before. By the way, Piranh.io is a multiplayer game. It meant that your opponents or allies, are the usual people, who just found that game on the Internet to try something unusual. Piranh.io encourages communiсation. Here you have a chat, where every player can share their game experience and tell about the tricks, that can help to play through. Also you can get information about getting power-ups. It’s an important data for everyone, because only the points can help you to become the first in leaderboard.

The game is absolutely free – and it’s a one of its advantages over others and expensive videogames. Don’t get lost, read the step guide and play! Conquer the underwater world!


Mouse Aim – move direction;

LMB – increase speed;

Space – activate bonus.