4.3 is an extremely entertaining multiplayer browser game about survival, evolution and adaptation in the fictional animal kingdom of its weird world.

At the first glance you might decide that this game is the same old thing: you run around, try to eat food and attack other creatures while doing your best not to get eaten yourself.

Thankfully, there are several things about this game that separate it from the competition. First of all, the graphics, although admittedly simplistic are very smooth and soothing - it's a pleasure to look at the screen while playing. Second, the control is very responsive and the mechanics of `eating` other players is a bit different: you need to approach enemies from behind to defeat them. Last but not least, there's a great system of upgrades that you unlock by consuming more energy: you can choose to become invisible for a short time, to lunge forward or to fly away from dangerous situations.

Do yourself a favor and play if you haven't yet - this game will pleasantly surprise you.