3 pandas


3 Pandas is a charming point and click adventure game with wonderful characters, appealing graphics and interesting puzzles. Our heroes – 3 black and white panda bears – are captured by poachers and taken from their forest to be transported somewhere on a ship. It is up to the player to help them escape, outsmart the hunters and get out of captivity by using their wits and talents.


The game is fully controllable by mouse: simply follow the hints on the screen or drag your mouse around to see the available actions. An arrow indicates the ability to jump, footprints will make the characters move to a different spot and other special actions will also be available depending on your surroundings. All you need to do is move the cursor around and click when it changes shape.

How to play

3 Pandas game consists of many consecutive screens and the player needs to perform a set of actions in every one of them in order to proceed to the next one. First, you need to get out of your crate, then raise a platform – it is usually self-explanatory what exactly needs to be done. If you do get stuck, you can always press the question mark to get a hint or restart the current screen at any given time.

If you like casual gameplay and puzzle-solving 3 Pandas games are definitely worth a try.

3 pandas is one of the best Adventure Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
3 pandas has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.7 / 5 with 6170 votes.

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  1. Anime 02 march 2021, 01:36
    i luv playing this
    1. lol is a banana 24 february 2021, 21:33
      its fun i play it to much i think
      1. Edmon Gallardo 20 january 2021, 12:13
        1. Sabine 12 january 2021, 21:18
          1. BILLY 10 january 2021, 16:07
            SAME BRO DIS HARD
            1. CluckNoob29 27 december 2020, 21:06
              1. PUPPY CUTE BALLS/ CHICKORITA 12 december 2020, 03:33
                i want different controls but other than that ITS AWESOME
                1. sunny side up 19 december 2020, 17:22
                  it is hard i played in my tablet when i whas 3 or 4 but pridy fun over all
                2. otter 11 december 2020, 14:24
                  this iis fun
                  1. aubree 08 december 2020, 20:22
                    ma pandas arent jumping down
                    1. gecko 04 december 2020, 21:41
                      yesssss so fun!
                      1. devil 30 november 2020, 08:50
                        1. Leanne : ) 26 november 2020, 22:30
                          me love dis gameee
                          1. Emma 12 november 2020, 22:18
                            1. matthew johnson 11 september 2020, 23:22
                              1. MARS 23 august 2020, 15:46
                                3PANDAS COOL GG :)
                                1. jj 30 july 2020, 20:56
                                  1. dlvkdl 30 june 2020, 04:43
                                    1. Niceee 25 july 2020, 19:10
                                      1. Taya 16 december 2020, 21:48
                                        This s hard
                                        1. Sabine 12 january 2021, 21:19
                                          Not really
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