Do you want to become a king of a sea? In deeeep.io it’s not just possible – you have all the chances. If you’re lucky and you’re the lone player on the server, it’s very easy to become a leader, just collect a food and you will pass all steps in evolution.

In the beginning your task is simple – to be a fish, eating little green grains in the ocean. You won’t meet a resistance – they just slowly sink to the bottom. If you will swim underwater, you can find many of them, because there are no living creatures. Additionally it’s true fist for a fish like you…and for the pair of other players, connected to the arena.

Like other IO games, this is multiplayer game. It released recently, that’s why there’re no many players. Even novice players can get the experience and feel comfortable. Eat the food and pass through many transformations. About them – if you eat enough food, you will become a crab, and get new abilities. Despite this fact, your ration won’t change and you can eat the same things. Not all of them are useful for you. The most nutritious food are yellow grains– be careful. You can see the enemies near them. The graphics at the bottom of the screen shows your transformation stage. It’s always interesting to know what will you be next. This fact keep the intrigue, try to discover! Become the most powerful animal in the ocean deeeep io!


LMB – moving Mouse

move – moving direction

Deeeep.io is one of the best Multiplayer Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Deeeep.io has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.8 / 5 with 13502 votes.

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    güzel oyun
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        XD lol
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          lol that was fun
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            I love this game
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