Paper.io 2


Paper.io 2 continues the legacy of its legendary predecessor that provided hours of entertainment to casual and professional gamers alike. Players from all over the globe are once again able to enjoy the intuitive and satisfying gameplay, smooth controls and colorful graphics that won’t slow down even the less powerful machines.

Anyone who has ever played Paper.io 2 online would agree that one of the main appeals of the game is its extremely low learning curve that makes it so easy to pick up and play even if you have never tried it before. Basically, you are drawing with a pencil or a marker on white paper outlining an area that you want to capture. As soon as you close the line, everything you have just encircled changes into your color and becomes part of your territory and score. The only problem is that other players can attack you while you are outside of your space. If they hit your line before it is finished, you will lose everything.

What makes any Paper.io 2 game so much fun is how unpredictable your opponents are: gamers from different countries and from various walks of life can play however they like. You may encounter a pro or a complete beginner, so you never actually know who you are dealing with and how exactly you should proceed. However, it is also possible to play against AI if you don’t have an internet connection, which is still a great way to kill some time on the go.

Inspired by classic arcade, action and puzzle titles, this game defies genre preferences and is suitable for any age. Its beautiful visuals, comfortable controls and engaging gameplay create an irresistible charm that attracts so many people from all sorts of backgrounds. Whether you prefer gaming on PC, Mac or mobile platforms, you can play Paper.io 2 free of charge. If you have never tried it, do yourself a favor and join a quick 5 minute match – you are guaranteed to have fun and come back for more!

Paper.io 2 is one of the best Arcade Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Paper.io 2 has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.8 / 5 with 39287 votes.

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  1. sasa games sasa games 11 may 2020, 15:58
    verl good is game paper.oi 2.: 3
    1. addyson addyson 29 may 2020, 18:13
      I am good I just can't kill anybody they always get me unless I am lucky
      1. ia ia 18 june 2020, 20:23
        me too
      2. Paperi.oFan Paperi.oFan 07 june 2020, 12:30
        ya me too
        1. nayeli nayeli 21 august 2020, 03:44
        2. Daisy Daisy 11 may 2020, 18:42
          go faster
          1. jack123 jack123 18 may 2020, 13:07
            very good at paper.io2
            1. addyson addyson 29 may 2020, 18:15
              Hey what other games are you good at
              1. luz luz 01 june 2020, 09:49
                1. luz luz 01 june 2020, 09:49
                  how ya doing
                  1. Paperi.oFan Paperi.oFan 07 june 2020, 12:32
                    My favorite game is paper I.o 2 and 3
                    1. havana havana 08 june 2020, 15:12
                      fun fun fun
                      1. havana havana 08 june 2020, 15:12
                        1. Alexandra Alexandra 19 june 2020, 08:42
                          Love this game!
                          1. juanfe juanfe 27 june 2020, 02:30
                            1. lily lily 05 july 2020, 19:42
                              1. Sunaina.P.S Sunaina.P.S 17 july 2020, 08:20
                              2. HACKER  FAKE HACKER FAKE 18 july 2020, 08:07
                                1. мишка мишка 20 july 2020, 20:11
                                  я мог взять 100, захватил всю карту
                                  1. Chinese Chinese 07 august 2020, 15:14
                                    1. Sunaina.P.S Sunaina.P.S 19 august 2020, 07:11
                                      1. Pranit Pranit 27 august 2020, 07:04
                                        Any tanmay bhatt fan here??
                                        1. Heidi Heidi 05 september 2020, 21:06
                                          Hello I'm good at the game