In any battlefield you should not only to fight, but also to defend yourself. This game will teach you do the both things, if you have strong enough to fight. You need to carry the flag of your country. Don’t make mistakes, because your shame will be seen by players from around the world. Don’t worry if you have no experience – no pain, no gain. The longer you play, the more chances you have to get a professional rank. But do you need it? If so, just fight and you will succeed. Your character have an infinite number of lives, but if you were killed in the beginning, it’ll look like a bit offensive. Don’t give your enemies that chance! Take an axe and wave it. Let them try and come closer to you, and they will suffer. But enemy can make you vulnerable with small hit, your opponent can even kill you! If you see the strongest player, stay away from him. Wait for appropriate rank, only then you have a chance to win. Battles are very different, you have many combinations to attack your opponent. Good luck in competition!


WASD – character move;

LMB – attack;

RMB – run/kick;

Mouse Wheel Up – roll;

Mouse Wheel Down – block;

Jump – space;

Healing Potion – 1;

Haste Potion – 2;

Q – mine;

E – throwing knife;

R – special skill.