Aquapark.io is the craziest racing game you will ever play! You are dropped onto an extremely dangerous water slide together with other players from all over the globe. Your goal is to stay on track without falling outside, overtake the ones in front of you and reach the pool at the finish line.


There are multiple control options: you can either press the Arrow keys (as well as A and D) or drag your mouse left and right to steer.

How to play

Every new instance of an Aquapark.io game is unique and unpredictable. The curves of the slope, as well as the obstacles, boosts and jumpers are generated continuously so the only way to get good at the game is to sharpen your reflexes and familiarize yourself with the mechanics. The best way to quickly overcome a bunch of other racers is to steer hard in one direction in order to jump off the track and land somewhere further down. You can control your character while flying too, but it is pretty difficult to stick the landing. Hitting speed bumps will temporarily slow you down while sliding over boosters will make you go faster. Water fountains can be both helpful and dangerous: they propel you up in the air which may be desirable or not depending on where you are.

If you feel like you can rise up to the challenge of the world’s most terrifying water slide, play Aquapark.io online and show off your skills!

AquaPark.io is one of the best Arcade Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
AquaPark.io has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.3 / 5 with 8534 votes.

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  1. Trisha Trisha 08 may 2020, 06:36
    I love this game but never new how to play
    1. curtis curtis 10 may 2020, 18:21
      1. joud joud 24 june 2020, 01:17
        1. Lava lavaloon Lava lavaloon 29 june 2020, 22:59
          1. gold ninja gold ninja 11 september 2020, 17:19
            hi guy's what are ya'll going to play after this yoo
      2. jesse jesse 20 may 2020, 05:16
        this is how you play the slide takes you down but if you press a or d you can move side to side
        1. Tan Junwei Joel Tan Junwei Joel 12 june 2020, 15:48
          Hey it’s crazy
        2. jesse jesse 15 may 2020, 23:55
          you don't know how to play! the game is awsome.
          1. MT MT 20 may 2020, 17:41
            lol I have this game on my I pad
            1. RealBlueSalt RealBlueSalt 20 may 2020, 20:59
              yay 6k likes
              1. Joel Joel 28 may 2020, 10:30
                I only win one time!dumb
                1. Joel Joel 28 may 2020, 10:30
                  1. Joel Joel 29 may 2020, 16:04
                    I lost in the game
                    1. Joel Joel 29 may 2020, 16:06
                      I have a iPad but don’t have that game
                      1. Liliana Liliana 07 june 2020, 19:53
                        I love playing Aquqpark!!!
                        1. sheena sheena 26 june 2020, 18:25
                          1. sheena sheena 26 june 2020, 18:26
                            this game is nice
                            1. Jelly Jelly 04 july 2020, 00:42
                              I just figured out this game site it is the best
                              1. NoOneWasHereAtAll NoOneWasHereAtAll 07 july 2020, 22:24
                                this is so fun!
                                1. graxybear99 graxybear99 15 july 2020, 18:07
                                  i just jump of the edge and make my way towards the pool!
                                  1. Sunaina.P.S Sunaina.P.S 18 august 2020, 07:31
                                    1. Ariana Ariana 08 september 2020, 12:33
                                      SOO hard to controll
                                      1. Tyye Turnbo Tyye Turnbo 11 september 2020, 20:50
                                        hello i play roblox my username is BigObbyMaster104
                                        1. Justice Justice 18 september 2020, 00:08
                                          1. Francisco Francisco 23 september 2020, 01:38
                                            I can t do it it hard
                                            1. Lindsey Lindsey 07 october 2020, 19:18
                                              This is the best game ever soo play it.
                                              1. kai kai 13 october 2020, 21:00