Prepare for the most extreme game involving rubber duckies you will ever play – is a water slide racing simulator with high speeds, crazy jumps and the cutest racers in the universe. Follow the course of the slide, jump off and land further down to overtake others and become the first duck to reach the bathtub.

Set in a comfy bathroom, this game is anything but comfy: dozens of yellow ducks controlled by real players are trying to reach the finish line of a giant (relatively speaking) track suspended in mid-air that leads to the final destination – the glorious bathtub. Your job is to follow the track’s twists and turns, avoid falling down on the floor tiles and fly off on occasion to land on a lower level.

Use mouse, WSAD or arrow keys to steer. Keep an eye out for speed boosters indicated by green arrows and violet barriers that can slow you down if you hit them. Play a quick game and become the fastest ducky in the world!