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4.4 3D is the latest installment in the famous Paper franchise. The idea behind this game is to let the players do all the same things they have been doing in previous iterations (fighting for territory, adding chunks to their lands, attacking unsuspecting opponents), only in a 3-dimensional environment.

This new addition introduces interesting twists to the familiar mechanics: instead of a flat world we see in 2 3D environments are now available for us to explore and conquer. The only way to succeed is to be aware of the dangers that might be coming from multiple directions while carefully watching your enemies and attacking at the right time.

Fortunately the core gameplay and the goal of 3D remain the same: move around the sheet creating a trail behind you and close the line to fill the area inside with your color, effectively capturing it. You can also take what your enemies have already conquered, but they can do the same to you at any moment. And, most importantly: never allow another player to cut into your trail before you finish the line, or you will die.

Paper io 3D challenges our perceptions and makes us think of new creative ways to establish dominance over the map while still remaining a fun and casual experience. It can be picked up and played at any time from home, school, work or any other place as long as you have a decent internet connection. Join the never ending fight for glory in the new 3D game online with thousands of players!