Knight Arena.io


Welcome to the Knight Arena where the best warriors of the kingdom face each other in battle to make a name for themselves! In this medieval free-for-all deathmatch you can play as one of the three available classes, use different weapons and upgrade your character in the course of the round.

Every Knight Arena.io game starts with a character selection screen where you can select the class that will define your play style. You can be an archer who attacks his targets from afar, a halberd-wielding knight or a regular swordsman with a shield to protect him. Each class plays differently and can be upgraded to reach its full potential.

Experience points Knight Arena.io play a major part in what makes or breaks your build. Gain enough of them by killing enemies or drinking blue potions to level up and upgrade one of the three random skills that appear on the screen. Attack, defense, health and many other stats can be improved to make you unbeatable!

Press WASD buttons to run around, click the mouse to attack. It’s not necessary to spam LMB, just hold it to keep stabbing or shooting. There’s not much more to it, just avoid damage as much as you can and get the most kills by the end of the round. Play Knight Arena.io online together with other players and defeat them all to become the champion!

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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