Solve mysteries by watching popular internet videos in Droll.io! Go through dozens of fun and unpredictable clips, try to guess the ending before it is revealed and discuss the outcome with other players watching the content with you in real time!

The idea behind this game is simple: several players join a lobby and are shown a certain video. It can be a classic cat video, traffic incident footage or any other peculiar situation caught on camera. After watching the first part of the clip that helps understand the setup, the players are given four options of the possible ending. Select the one that you feel is most likely to happen and see if you were correct by watching the rest. If you had the right idea, you will be awarded coins that can be spent on customizing your avatar or to activate certain bonuses like getting rid of two incorrect options in a particular round, buying an extra life or maximizing the reward.

Droll io is very easy to understand and can be played on Kevin Games in any modern browser. Have fun watching some of the most amusing videos on the web, use the chat window to share your thoughts with others and earn more coins than anyone else on the server to reach the first place. Can you solve every video-puzzle this game throws at you?

Droll.io is one of the best io Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Droll.io has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.0 / 5 with 517 votes.

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  1. Mike Mike 18 june 2020, 15:44
    Haha funny game!
    1. hai hai 06 july 2020, 20:16
      1. Jacoby Jacoby 28 october 2020, 17:02
        It is sooooooooooo bad
      2. aadcd aadcd 21 november 2020, 05:39
      3. Fotsy Fotsy 19 june 2020, 10:23
        1. Matias Juan Matias Juan 24 june 2020, 00:22
          1. Matias Juan Matias Juan 24 june 2020, 00:22
            1. i like this game i like this game 26 june 2020, 15:22
              this game is great
              1. goodweirdo0483 goodweirdo0483 06 july 2020, 20:17
                Lol ikr
                1. lizabeth jaimes lizabeth jaimes 14 october 2020, 21:58
                  this is so funny
                  1. Fariz Ismayilli Fariz Ismayilli 28 october 2020, 21:15
                    1. Aly Aly 19 november 2020, 00:41
                      1. charlet charlet 27 november 2020, 07:55