At first glance resebles many other IO games because of its simplistic graphics, primitive shapes and bright color scheme. This impression goes away pretty soon after you realize that it's actually a battle royale with 2D graphics: the player is spawned randomly on a spacious map without any weapons and the goal is to survive for as long as you can while getting rid of your opponents by any means necessary.

You can run around looking for boxes containing weapons, special upgrades that make you stronger, faster and more resilient or try your best to avoid combat until the last moments when the red wave consumes everything on it's path.

Only the last man standing will win at this game, and considering how many are playing it - that's not an easy task. To become the best and you need to up your game as much as possible, fight for every inch of the map as hard as it takes and have no mercy towards the poor souls that get in your way.