Hole.io is a fascinating io game where you get to operate a black hole sucking in everything on your way.

In the new online game you play within a small town with other players and your task is to become the biggest one in 2 minutes! Eat everything around you: benches, lamps, people and even skyscrapers. The more you eat, the bigger is your hole!

But be careful battling against other players. Their huge black holes might suck you in as well!

Hole.io is one of the best Arcade Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Hole.io has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.2 / 5 with 33976 votes.

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  1. adel adel 07 may 2020, 19:33
    1. zhjckfd zhjckfd 07 may 2020, 19:51
      Great service
      1. lina lina 14 may 2020, 12:31
        le jeu est tros nase
      2. Blah blah Blah blah 15 may 2020, 21:18
        Doesn’t load quickly
        1. aryoo23 aryoo23 17 may 2020, 12:57
          1. GalaxyStremer1 GalaxyStremer1 20 may 2020, 14:46
          2. GalaxyStremer1 GalaxyStremer1 20 may 2020, 14:46
            hellllloooo there
            1. puppy puppy 26 may 2020, 23:59
              1. puppy puppy 27 may 2020, 00:01