Unruly geese have angered the farmer by stealing his stuff and irritating him during his daily chores, so he had no choice but to lock all of them away in an enclosure. Naturally, the geese turned their efforts towards each other and now their life has become a constant battle for survival.

There is not enough food for everyone, so only some of the animals can manage to get enough of it to grow in size and become stronger than others. Can you outsmart your opponents and become the most vicious goose on the server?

How to play

Point your mouse in the direction you want your goose to go. Press the left mouse button to attack and the left mouse button to run faster. Boosting your speed drains your energy bar, so you should avoid doing it too much in order to level up faster.

Your goose eats food and collects bonuses automatically: eat farm produce, candy and other things to extend your life bar and improve your strength. Medicine can restore some of the health you might have lost in a fight, red swords will boost your attack and lightnings will make you faster for a limited time.

And that’s all there is to it! Now enter the arena and see if you can become the master of the farm!

Description: is a multiplayer death match where dozens of geese fight for food and territory. Eat as much as you can and gather bonuses to grow in size and defeat your enemies!


  • Mouse: General movement,
  • Right Mouse Button: Attack,
  • Left Mouse Button: Speed boost.