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Build a base and protect it with a helicopter in Defly.io. In this top-down shooter you need to build watchtowers that will mark your perimeter and protect it from enemy attacks. Other players will try to bring your defenses down by shooting at them, but you can do the same to their bases. If your helicopter collides with a rival’s border or projectile it will crash and you will have to start over.

A regular Defly.io game can last anywhere from several seconds to however long you can keep your aircraft and your base intact. As a matter of fact, staying alive is not that difficult. Constantly expanding your territory, however, definitely is. Your enemies will keep shooting at the towers you’ve built, interrupting the connections in between. The trick is to keep balancing between expansion and border patrol – if you can do that successfully, you will reach the top score in no time.

Although several modes available in Defly.io play very differently from each other, the controls and core mechanics always remain the same. Press either W, A, S, D or the arrow keys to control the aircraft and Space to build a tower. Aim with your mouse and left click to shoot.

If enjoy action games that require strategic thinking play Defly.io online and build the greatest base on the server!

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