Today worms and bacteria are replaced by little fish in another IO game! Oceanar.io game offers to dive into underwater world, where you need to fight for survival. In comparison of legendary predecessor games like Agar.io and Slither.io, this game is more colourful and original. Here you won’t see primitive white background, now world looks more realistic. You can see the deep ocean with plankton and other little creatures. They are not the main characters of the game, but anyway, they create a pleasant atmosphere.

You will take a role of strange fish with flashlight, which is considered to deepwater anglers. But in fact, they look like a piranhas. Choose your name of your fish and let’s go! There you can find and eat much food. The more you eat, the bigger your school become.

Oceanar.io allows you to increase the size with collecting little fish. To do that, hold LMB and upgrade your character. Beware of huge monsters and jellyfish, they’re very dangerous! They devour your body, making the water colored in red. If you can’t get away from them, the enemy fish will left from you only a skeleton. If you have some luck, the food can help you to restore the health. You can see the rating in top right corner, and on left – fish number in your school. Become the best among the players!


LMB hold / W hold – attack

RMB hold/Space hold – merge

Mouse Move – swim direction