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The never-ending war between the spaceship’s crew and alien impostors still rages on. A new multiplayer arena inspired by Among Us is about to blow everyone away. Every Amogus.io game online is an intense competitive match to the death. It features familiar colorful characters and their signature hilarious animations. However, this time they have to struggle for survival in a different way. This battle is about fighting for territory and protecting its borders. Draw them with a trail that the hero leaves behind, just like in Paper.io. Crash into another player’s unfinished outline to eliminate them. Just be careful and don’t let the enemies do the same. Stay sharp, think a few steps ahead, and reach the first place on the server.

Deadly Combination

Fusing 2 seemingly unrelated titles into one is a challenging task. Most developers who try something like that fail miserably. However, this turned out to be one of the rare exceptions. The resulting experience is so engaging that it rivals any other on Kevin Games. The list of its most compelling features includes:

  • Fast-paced unpredictable gameplay that leaves no room for hesitation and mistakes
  • Vibrant 2D graphics shown from top-down and optimized for popular browsers
  • Comfortable controls for every type of player, no matter what device they prefer to use

Join a round and compete against other humans from different countries. Invade their lands or take unoccupied areas of the map. Be ambitious, but don’t get too greedy and careless. Exercise caution and achieve victory by taking small incremental steps.

How to Play Amogus.io Game

Control the crewman by moving the mouse cursor. Alternatively, press the Arrow keys, or WASD to run around. The solid-colored patch is a safe zone. Leave it to expand the area of influence. Complete the line by returning to the base. Don’t let anyone interrupt the transparent trail before its complete. Otherwise, they will kill you and all the progress will be lost.

After a hard day, relax and enjoy a quick Amogus.io game free of charge. Establish dominance over the circular space station in a distant galaxy. Adjust the strategy depending on the situation and destroy anyone who stands in the way. Paint the whole surface into the protagonist’s color and achieve the highest score.

Amogus.io is one of the best Multiplayer Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Amogus.io has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.1 / 5 with 5914 votes.

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Also people ask about Amogus.io

  • What is Amogus?

    Amogus is an intentionally butchered spelling of Among Us, a famous social game of deception. It’s also the name of a browser-based spinoff where crewmen and impostors fight for territory.

  • How to play Amogus?

    Capture parts of the map by encircling and painting them into the character’s color. Run in the desired direction with WASD, the Arrow keys, or by moving the mouse. Crash into an opponent’s incomplete line to kill them.

    Comments (56)

    1. jake 29 april 2023, 21:54
      i like the game but it has so much ads
      1. MayaloveAthena 15 april 2023, 18:16
        Wow great game lol
        1. ellie 19 february 2023, 22:57
          i love this game its so fun
          1. brii 01 february 2023, 15:59
            i like the game is just to much adds
            1. Harper 26 april 2023, 07:37
              I know there’s so much adds and you barely get time to play the game
            2. samaya 14 december 2022, 15:16
              to go i am the killler
              1. Layne 06 december 2022, 13:31
                I covered 109 percent of the planet
                1. alice 10 april 2023, 01:40
                  great job! I covered 113 as my high score soo hard tho lol
                2. donald trump 07 november 2022, 20:15
                  it alright
                  1. aqqle 30 october 2022, 12:05
                    there is a player named Legen,he is soo good 爱他this game
                    1. malek 23 october 2022, 18:28
                      what happened now guys
                      1. super r 03 october 2022, 21:49
                        It's a bit challenging but it's a great game!
                        1. NAHOM 26 september 2022, 07:29
                          i hope this is hard as hell
                          1. queeennn 11 september 2022, 04:11
                            its confusing but it a ok game
                            1. DJ Romeu 26 august 2022, 01:37
                              Best Game Ever
                              1. boba_cheary 12 july 2022, 22:54
                                I like this game ps it's a paper.io version
                                1. kiaunnie 02 july 2022, 01:55
                                  good games
                                  1. (^-^)* 23 june 2022, 21:23
                                    cool game
                                    1. Jay 22 june 2022, 22:58
                                      I love that game
                                      1. Alicia leung 04 june 2022, 09:03
                                        I LOVE this GAME!
                                        1. Daniel 25 may 2022, 23:21
                                          HARD AS HELL
                                          1. Jay 22 june 2022, 22:57
                                            It’s good
                                          2. legendaryglizzy 23 may 2022, 19:22
                                            pretty cool game tho
                                            1. kiki music 21 may 2022, 17:47
                                              nice game
                                              1. GHFJD 10 may 2022, 04:00
                                                this is the same as paper.io
                                                1. Chloe 10 april 2022, 11:14
                                                  I love this game
                                                  1. alice 31 march 2022, 01:31
                                                    WOW YOU DUPID!!!
                                                    1. Doge 25 february 2022, 15:32
                                                      Wow ppl actually like this game XD
                                                      1. Jack harlow 17 february 2022, 20:22
                                                        This is a good game no cap
                                                        1. Hola 09 february 2022, 17:47
                                                          this is the best game its just like paper.io lol
                                                          1. Francesca Arrow 05 february 2022, 19:04
                                                            I covered 80.12% of the map ;)
                                                            1. Olivia 04 february 2022, 15:12
                                                              ce jeux est cool
                                                              1. SUPER 28 january 2022, 12:09
                                                                COOL GAME BUT THE ROUND ARE THE SAME
                                                                1. hector pro 20 january 2022, 16:23
                                                                  is really fun!
                                                                  1. Fishsticks 14 january 2022, 18:17
                                                                    I like it. I yell at the screen when I die lol
                                                                    1. Emily 26 december 2021, 07:13
                                                                      Hi everyone
                                                                      1. Kaylen 14 december 2021, 00:29
                                                                        I can’t believe how the people they kept killing me
                                                                        1. DARKESTANGIL 01 december 2021, 06:08
                                                                          nive game but i hate they kill me
                                                                          1. NightMare Foxy 18 november 2021, 15:41
                                                                            its a ok game i guess
                                                                            1. Gemmah 04 november 2021, 23:29
                                                                              I got a very high score and dies
                                                                              1. Cathy 19 october 2021, 22:43
                                                                                This is easy
                                                                                And i kill a lot of people
                                                                                1. Christina 31 october 2021, 13:25
                                                                                  I GET KILLD BUT I KILL BAKE
                                                                                2. Ole 15 october 2021, 04:05
                                                                                  This easy I literally killed half of the people in the game and got 50%
                                                                                  1. NASHWN BIN SAHEED 15 august 2021, 10:06
                                                                                    1. CheesyTNT 06 august 2021, 03:53
                                                                                      This is like a combination of Among Us and Paper.io
                                                                                      1. Ирина Марьина 24 july 2021, 13:31
                                                                                        игра нормальная
                                                                                        1. 14 july 2021, 04:03
                                                                                          So fun if you see me plz don’t kill me
                                                                                          1. Plant 11 july 2021, 15:51
                                                                                            This is a cool game
                                                                                            1. kill 25 june 2021, 20:06
                                                                                              the game is funbut they always kill me
                                                                                              1. Lol 19 june 2021, 10:02
                                                                                                This is fun! Record 16%!
                                                                                                1. Ani Kareem 17 june 2021, 23:06
                                                                                                  I love this game so
                                                                                                  1. Ani Kareem 17 june 2021, 23:05
                                                                                                    I love this game
                                                                                                    1. chicasgamingcoop 15 june 2021, 15:20
                                                                                                      this is so hard
                                                                                                      1. Amogus 12 june 2021, 08:46
                                                                                                        1. E studios 16 june 2021, 22:23
                                                                                                          i like that game so much a nice game good
                                                                                                          1. savannah 11 february 2022, 18:52
                                                                                                            i love you