Playing with animals never was so interesting, especially if it’s happening in IO game. These games just took the internet. Everyone uses computers and it’s difficult to find the person who didn’t try the “” or the game of same type. It’s not surprise this game appeared, it got many positive reviews. If you didn’t play that, it’s okay.

Developers make as much as they can to give you a chance to play it. But remember there are unusual rules. You need to do all the actions in the team, otherwise you can forget about success. Your objective is to make a lines of horses, fishes, pigs and other animals to get a points. You will see, – is a giant puzzle. Working in a team, you can get rid of big number of pictures and free the field!

Collect the points, they will need your for the victory. Remember, the game takes place in a real time. Don’t ignore others, use others’ help, and try to help other players too. Cooperating is a key of success! You will enjoy of the idea of acting less and thinking much.


LMB – making lines.