Fireboy And Watergirl


Fireboy and Watergirl are the protagonists of a wholesome little franchise of platforming puzzle games. In this series two characters are supposed to work together to get through the mazes of various ancient temples built in honor of different elements of nature. There are many obstacles on the way but through friendship, cooperation and smart utilization of their respective talents our heroes can overcome even the most difficult tests.

Watergirl and Fireboy are controlled by the player at the same time by pressing WSAD and the arrow keys depending on the character. Other than that the platforming and puzzle solving feel very traditional and competently made. While the female protagonist made of water cannot go through fire, the male gets his flames extinguished by water. Sometimes only one of the characters is able to proceed before activating a lever or a button to help his or her friend and protect them from danger. If any of the characters die the level starts over.

Everything about these games feels right: the gameplay is fun, casual and engaging, the controls are smooth and precise, the visuals are colorful and appealing. If you’ve been looking for some good quality platforming and puzzle solving, definitely give Fireboy and Watergirl game a try!

Fireboy And Watergirl is one of the best Adventure Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Fireboy And Watergirl has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.6 / 5 with 17981 votes.

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  1. MAGIC 25 february 2021, 16:06
    sigh. This brings back so many memories.
    1. cxaca 25 february 2021, 13:57

      1. Nataly 02 february 2021, 21:43
        1. Marwa 29 january 2021, 05:06
          Love it!!!
          1. Marwa 19 january 2021, 23:01
            Love this game
            1. Ice Moonlight 16 january 2021, 04:15
              1. Ice Moonlight 16 january 2021, 04:15
                1. summer 08 january 2021, 15:41
                  hi i love this game i even play it during school i told my friends about this game and they love it too
                  1. hi 26 december 2020, 22:12
                    1. aysaiiah 05 january 2021, 15:29
                      hello everyone
                      1. Ice Moonlight 16 january 2021, 04:15
                    2. Keylen 18 december 2020, 18:20
                      1. Keylen 18 december 2020, 18:20
                        1. ✦Kiruki San☆ 15 december 2020, 21:54
                          super bueno :D
                          1. alex 11 december 2020, 21:58
                            1. Ariel Coleman 10 december 2020, 17:04
                              Hi bff aka best game over
                              1. Natisha Chase 27 november 2020, 23:09
                                1. Alayna 18 november 2020, 04:43
                                  1. Cameron 17 november 2020, 19:39
                                    no they ez
                                    1. fire 18 july 2020, 00:45
                                      questions to hard
                                      1. olivia 18 december 2020, 14:13
                                        1. Amber 29 december 2020, 01:30
                                          The game was fun but hard
                                          1. 312 29 december 2020, 22:32
                                            Takes a while but honestly most of it isn’t that hard?
                                      2. fire 18 july 2020, 00:43
                                        how to play
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