Lordz.io is a unique combination of IO visual design and mechanics with strategy, tower defense and RPG elements all in one game. Your goal is to conquer the lands, defeat other lords and crush their settlements and become the ruler of them all.

You start out as a regular knight, but if you immediately rush to attack someone you won't stand much of a chance. In order to succeed, you need to collect some gold coins and use them to hire mercenaries and make your army bigger.

There are several units you can buy, including swordsmen, archers and some more powerful ones. However, even a sizable army won't stand much of a chance against a developed settlement: yes, you can also construct buildings and stationary defenses to help you in your quest. If anyone approaches your watch towers, the archers you hired for them will take care of the threat. It's important to take care and not leave your settlement unattended for long.

Another unique addition to this game is the option of defeating the troll hanging around the center of the map: if you're able to do so, the mighty monster will join your army and help you wreak havoc!