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On Kevin Games we constantly monitor the web for new games because we believe it’s important to keep up with the times and provide our users with the latest and greatest titles the Internet has to offer. The industry never stays in one place and once a new viral sensation arises, it is our job to make it available to as many dedicated gamers as possible.

Because of how accessible the process of designing a game has become, teams and individual developers keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and changing our very understanding of what makes new games fun. Back in the early days of competitive multiplayer shooters could we have possibly imagined how much they will change because of the battle royale craze? Same goes for other genres and mechanics that keep evolving and improving constantly. illustrates this perfectly, being one of the most memorable entries of late. Dozens of unruly geese fight for survival in a confined farm pen. The only way to defend yourself is to grow in size by eating food and collecting bonuses that make your goose stronger. Other new games play very differently despite having a similar theme: in several rubber duckies compete against each other in a race that takes place on a water slide leading them to the bath tub.

Another great trend of modern electronic entertainment is making many new games free even if they were inspired by older titles that you had to pay for. Puzzle games like and Skydom give us crisp colorful visuals and very stimulating gameplay mechanics absolutely free of charge. Same goes for Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure – a full-feature stealth platformer with a cool story.

Every day we find new games online and publish the best of them on Kevin Games. Explore this category to find out what’s trending and see if your preferences align with the majority of players.

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