Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake utilizes familiar Slither-like gameplay mechanics re-imagined and re-packaged into a brand new experience of unprecedented quality.

Just one look at the graphics is enough to conclude that this game is a triple A gem in the world of IO games. The visuals are bright, colorful and clear, every inch of the screen is extremely satisfying to look at.
There are so many skins to chose from (although you will have to unlock them by playing and becoming better at the game) and so many different little creatures running around. The map is also full of nice little details and HD textures.

As usual, the player has to consume energy scattered around and grow as big as possible. Others will try to attack: it's very easy to get killed by ramming into another snake's body. However, it's also possible to position yourself in a specific way to make another player crush into you.

Using your mouse to move in a certain direction and accelerate, try your best to overcome the difficulties of the snake kingdom, eat colored spheres, grow bigger, defeat your opponents and become the biggest snake on the server!

Time to play LittleBigSnake and have some fun!