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One more game of the most popular io genre – space battles. It is! You are controlling a spaceship, the aim is to achieve complete domination in the space. To defeat the enemies and to enter the leaders’ top list, you should spend a lot of time on pumping up the skills of your spaceship. When you run into asteroids, break them, and you will receive scores for experience.

Experience scores may be converted into the improvement of your spaceship’s features, such as: amount of health, the speed of recovering, the speed of your spaceship, the quantity of shots per minute, the power of shot. We recommend you the following way of pumping up: at first, improve the power of the shot and the quantity of shots per minute, in order to break asteroids faster. Then, try to pump up your skills evenly, because it is difficult to predict the kind of skills can save you in the next clash.


to move the spaceship, press WASD. To shoot, click the left button of the mouse.