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Popular trends come and go, but certain events leave a long-lasting impression. Back in 2014, a peculiar media campaign to raise ALS awareness went viral. It took the Internet and the media by storm, making its mark in history. Both regular people and famous public figures willingly took part in it. Ice Bucket Challenge Celebrity Edition is a game inspired by the craze. Watch the screen carefully and wait for pictures of various superstars to pop up. As soon as they do, douse them in bucketloads of freezing-cold liquid. Be careful not to touch someone who doesn’t qualify by accident. Demonstrate absolute focus and lightning-fast reflexes in order to succeed. Laugh out loud at the ridiculous depictions of renowned actions and singers. Continue the process for as long as possible, and strive to reach a high score.

Hilarious Reaction Puzzle

The original concept was fairly simple. Each participant had 2 options. Either they film themselves getting soaked, or donate some money to the appropriate charity. Additionally, they had to nominate someone else to do the same. This title turns the premise into a purely amusing activity. Like other entries on Kevin Games, Ice Bucket Challenge Celebrity Edition runs online without installation. However, in all other aspects, it’s refreshingly distinctive and unique. The list of its noteworthy features includes:

  • Straightforward relaxing gameplay
  • Funny presentation style parodying prominent social phenomena
  • Over-the-top roster of characters, like Arnold Schwartzy, Lady Gago, and Michel Jakxon
  • Colorful 2D graphics and fitting background music

The process is very accessible at first, but grows harder as time goes by. Fans of casual electronic entertainment are likely to appreciate this delightful time-killer.

How to Play Ice Bucket Challenge Celebrity Edition

Cardboard cutouts of actors and musicians appear on the stage at random. At the bottom, there are 4 corresponding buttons that activate the dispensers above. Wait for a suitable candidate to emerge and left-click the red switch to drench them. Occasionally, a drawing of a horse turns up to confuse the player. Do not to engage the mechanism when that happens. Making a single mistake resets the entire progress. Stay sharp, don’t get distracted, and set a personal best in every attempt.
Forget about overcomplicated controls and convoluted mechanics. Enjoy Ice Bucket Challenge Celebrity Edition for free in a browser tab. Master the rhythm, maintain a steady pace, achieve insanely long streaks, and have a blast.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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