Short Life


Short Life is a survival platformer that does several key things different from every other game. First of all, this is a game where you will die. A lot. It's also a very bloody game: levels are packed with all sorts of traps and obstacles that will make your character bleed and suffer.

The protagonist is a pretty chill looking dude, who looks like he just wants to go outside for a beer in the middle of the day. Little does he know that his surroundings are full of dangers. The player needs to be on edge constantly, it's not easy to finish the level without dying once.

Play Short Life and prove it to yourself that you're capable of surviving some of the most vile and dangerous traps known to man!

Short Life is one of the best Adventure Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Short Life has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.4 / 5 with 179588 votes.

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Comments ()

  1. aldo 04 march 2021, 06:35
    good game!
    1. aldo 02 march 2021, 04:16
      its a bloody!
      1. isael arrona 21 february 2021, 01:09
        1. letitia 01 february 2021, 00:36
          this makes me traumatized but its still fun
          1. markee 26 january 2021, 17:00
            this game lags a lot and it wont evan let you play and walk
            1. chez_curd 24 february 2021, 18:05
              It's less laggy that Short Life 2
            2. yeet 19 january 2021, 16:22
              1. Allisandra McGraw 11 january 2021, 16:46
                its lagy
                1. robert huber 15 december 2020, 14:54
                  1. vamperia 14 december 2020, 17:31
                    how are u
                    1. vamperia 14 december 2020, 17:31
                      1. LOCKWOAY 10 december 2020, 00:19
                        too full of gore
                        1. yeet guy 04 december 2020, 04:54
                          SO GOOOOOOOOD plz make more games like this.
                          1. bhhhhhhhhhhhhh 08 november 2020, 15:52
                            1. joe 18 october 2020, 20:47
                              cool but hard
                              1. ayan naseer 28 june 2020, 12:07
                                1. Ana Luiza Provensi Bonato 27 may 2020, 23:25
                                  Q jogo é esse Gsuis!
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