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If you are a fan of classic boardgames, and would like to be able to enjoy them in the comfort of your computer chair or on the go, playing Richup.io online with strangers and friends is just what you need. This game is inspired by Monopoly, the differences come down to the designs, themes and esthetics: unlike in the original, in this title you will be purchasing properties all over the world: in America, Italy, China, France and other countries. All you need to play Richup.io is a capable browser: no installation is required, and you don’t even need to register to enjoy the full experience.

A regular Richup io game is played by up to four players, each is given 1500 dollars in the beginning. Roll the dice, move your character to the appropriate spot on the board. If the spot contains a property, you can choose to buy it. Later, when someone ends up on that property, they will be obligated to pay you a certain fee. Purchase all of the properties of the same kind to increase the payout. There are also other spots on the board that can provide both positive and negative effects, depending on the situation.

Just like real capitalism this game can get pretty ruthless: your Richup.io friend can turn on you in a second if money is on the line, so stay vigilant and pursue your own interests while interacting with other players. If you think you can handle it, join the fun and start building your own Richup.io monopoly!

Richup.io - monopoly online is one of the best Thinking Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Richup.io - monopoly online has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.5 / 5 with 1055 votes.

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  • What is Richup.io - monopoly online?

    ⭐⭐⭐ Richup.io - monopoly online - Is an awesome game in the Thinking Games genre. On our website, you can play Richup.io - monopoly online in a browser free of charge. 🧐

  • How to play Richup.io - monopoly online?

    🎮🎮🎮 These types of Thinking Games are usually controlled with the mouse or keyboard, sometimes both. 🤔

  • How to hack Richup.io - monopoly online?

    👎👎👎 We strongly discourage the use of cheats in Richup.io - monopoly online, play fair. Downloading cheats can also infect your computer with harmful software, so be careful! 🤗

    Comments (20)

    1. n3on 17 april 2023, 21:57
      aweaome game love to play it with my friends and the ai (bots) are actually smart.;)
      1. Yub 03 december 2022, 23:23
        It’s kind of cool I guess
        1. Hiii 28 october 2022, 17:48
          Love this game
          1. grace 14 may 2022, 00:13
            hey I love this game it is very addicting
            1. danutka8670 02 november 2021, 14:29
              hello guys
              1. lk 19 october 2021, 17:46
                1. noob 08 july 2021, 02:22
                  whew it's hard but addicting
                  1. heaven2010 01 june 2021, 18:05
                    it is so fun
                    1. sarla 15 june 2021, 18:07
                      yes it is
                    2. magertu 30 january 2021, 18:39
                      1. CALLMEHFADIL 25 january 2021, 11:59
                        fun game
                        1. CALLMEHFADIL 25 january 2021, 11:59
                          this game is fun
                          1. CholitaOwO 15 january 2021, 16:27
                            i like it
                            1. Elijah Partney 08 january 2021, 16:31
                              how do you create a game
                              1. gabrielle dison 07 january 2021, 00:46
                                yall join me pls
                                1. zamirah 21 december 2020, 14:31
                                  great game sow conaction
                                  1. jocelny vince 08 january 2021, 18:14
                                  2. Jarra 18 december 2020, 15:31
                                    This is amazing
                                    1. Plop 18 december 2020, 23:46
                                    2. Plop 18 december 2020, 05:52
                                      i really really like this game