Balls VS Blocks

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It’s time to be happy. The famous Snake returns in a new game from Voodoo – Balls vs Blocks. You should move the snake skillfully, choose the right way and receive scores. The snake eats balls and becomes longer. If it touches the obstacle, it becomes chorter. It is very simple but really exciting! A simple and interesting game!

Talanted designers of Voodoo managed to join several game concepts. Runner, blocks and snake in one game with a bright pleasant graphics and simple control. It is a perfect version. It is very simple but exciting to play Balls vs Blocks. When the snake is short, even unexperienced people can easily cope with it. But when it becomes longer, only experienced gamers can manage, because it is necessary to have a quick reaction. Moreover, you must be able to make fast decisions. Speed and ability to meke fast decisions, and that’s all you need.

Can you grow a long snake consisting of many balls? Or will you end up with a small worm? Play Balls vs Blocks, and the strongest will win.