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Wolf simulator wild animals 3d mobile
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Wolf simulator wild animals 3d


What is it like being a dangerous creature? Stop wondering, just try the Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3d game online. You’ll be surprised at how detailed a browser story can be. Such an experience available with no installs just amazes. Make sure by yourself. Design your own path. Decide where to go and how to behave. You get absolute freedom. Visit beautiful places. Interact with other species. Be helpful or dreadful, it’s up to you.

Not Like Others

This is not just another wolf game. It’s a whole universe populated by people and animals of all kinds. You may spend hours exploring it and keep finding unknown spots. Surprisingly, the action is not only about hunting and killing. Wolves can be friendly! For example, they may bring water to people coping with fire in the forest.

How To Play Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D Game

First of all, choose the gender of your character. You can customize him or her to your liking. Type in the name. Read the instructions given to you on the screen. Now you are ready to start. Move using the WASD or the arrow keys. To attack click the left mouse button. Space is assigned to jump, while the shift is to run. Complete tasks and get the reward. Check the map in the upper right corner. It is quite a useful tool not to get lost. The map also shows the jobs you can do.

Tips For The Wolf Simulator Wild Animals 3D Game Free

  1. Keep an eye on the life bar.
    It is shown in the upper left corner of your display.
  2. Consume meat to restore energy resources.
    Remember, you are the predator. Plus, you can share food with your pack. They’ll become stronger.
  3. Follow the violet arrow.
    When you’re on a mission, it’ll show you the way.

Enjoy the awesome adventure at Kevin Games. Have a nice time!

Wolf simulator wild animals 3d is one of the best Wolf Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Wolf simulator wild animals 3d has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.6 / 5 with 1699 votes.

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    Comments (25)

    1. Thatiana Velasquez 19 january 2024, 18:17
      abc for gf
      1. JAKUN 29 september 2023, 10:12
        I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
        1. J.H. Bernouw 01 august 2023, 14:06
          het is mijn lieveling spel
          1. Thatiana Velasquez 18 december 2023, 15:13
            i love you
          2. Danielle Rose Russell 23 july 2023, 22:26
            Super fun but playing with friends would be super nice
            1. namelessheart 11 april 2023, 20:36
              wow this game is really cool
              1. Midnight 23 february 2023, 11:45
                I love this game!!!
                1. red xx 16 january 2023, 21:42
                  wow this is so cool
                  1. Wolfie 06 january 2023, 02:06
                    I love this game, it is diffidently for wolf lovers like me!!! Totally recommend this. Here are some tips. Press the touch pad on your computer or ctrl to bite the animal, shift to run, space bar to jump, 1 to crouch. Hope this helps <3
                    1. Swayzee Hanni 15 december 2022, 18:20
                      i am at school to and i love love love the game
                      1. niceeeee 21 march 2023, 16:31
                        me too at school but I'm 101
                      2. anna 25 may 2022, 17:52
                        love this
                        1. Abbie 06 may 2022, 01:26
                          How do you kill?
                          1. bob 07 april 2022, 12:24
                            you guys should play horse simulator it is pretty fun it is like this game but horses.
                            1. rose 29 march 2022, 17:11
                              i love the game but i play it at school
                              1. the wolf 13 march 2022, 12:31
                                this is awsome but i like wildcraft better
                                1. Kììtttttttt 11 april 2023, 16:48
                                  Same here
                                2. Zyiah 07 january 2022, 04:15
                                  The coolest game ever I will play this forever but sadly have to go to school
                                  1. Luna Warrior 22 november 2021, 18:56
                                    Oh!And if you guys love wolves just as much as me you should go to the Wolf Conservation Cenetr and check them out!They help wolves and they are awesome people!
                                    1. Mari 13 november 2021, 01:34
                                      Hi guys
                                      1. alsx 12 november 2021, 14:21
                                        i just found a dragon
                                        1. random lady 04 november 2021, 14:59
                                          This game is alot like wolf tales home and heart, i recomend that if you like this game highly. or wildcraft, witch, (no offense) i think is a more realistic and better, try wolf quest if these games are not for you. (wildcraft is really fun and i think you will enjoy it much so.) bye :)
                                          1. hey guys 30 october 2021, 20:29
                                            this game is the best
                                            1. Cindy Bell 16 june 2021, 03:26
                                              yes it is and you are right and are we friends and this is so fun!
                                              1. m2 01 june 2021, 20:50
                                                This game is really fun. (Just don't get yourself stuck in rock formations. hehe)