The Good Life

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The Good Life is a new mystery adventure game from the developers of Deadly Premonition. This time the story takes place in rural England in a small town where one day feels just like the next one and nothing exciting seems to be going on. But behind this uneventful facade something is going on and it's up to the player to uncover the dark secret.

You control a young female journalist from New York whose careless spending lead to huge debts that she now needs to pay. Left with no choice she has to move to an English town without huge shopping malls, art galleries and coffee shops to try and get out of debt, but that is no easy task considering her temperament and spending habits.

There are many interesting characters inhabiting the town, and something lurking in the dark behind the scenes. Your job is to act in the best interests of our heroine and at the same time help her uncover the truth about what is happening in the background.

Just like its predecessor, this game has a surreal tone to it that can either break or make it. As soon as we're able to play The Good Life online, we will be able to make our own judgment. If you're a fan of murder mysteries and adventure games, give this one a try.

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