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Reading has been one of the most important skills for centuries. If recording information in writing was never invented, the world would be completely different. Whole cultures wouldn’t have existed, not to mention modern civilization. To children, letters look like weird sticks put together in various combinations. Being able to understand that code and decipher it is essential for further studying. Launch an ABC game online to make the process easy and fun. Kids will love looking at colorful illustrations and connecting them to the corresponding words. A few short sessions are usually enough to show significant progress.

Interactive Alphabet Learning Game

Educational entertainment has always been more engaging than traditional schoolwork. Recent advancements in technology make it even more promising. Future generations may never need to study conventionally. Kevin Games already features countless examples of fun puzzles that help develop useful skills. This particular title will appeal to the youngest audiences for a number of reasons:
The objective is easy to understand without additional instructions
The intentionally simplistic drawing style makes the objects clearly distinguishable
There’s no penalty for mistakes
One-button controls are intuitive and comfortable
Even adults tend to find the process relaxing and oddly satisfying. Help the little ones figure out the correct answer during the first attempts. They will grasp the concept in no time and continue on their own.

How to Play ABC Game

Look at the blackboard at the top of the screen. There is a word written on it. Pick the corresponding object out of the 3 underneath the board. Left-click or tap to point it out and see if the decision was right. Wrong answers are automatically eliminated and marked with red crosses. Green checkmarks indicate successful guesses. The number of hand-drawn items is staggering. Animals, vehicles, fruit, and many other pictures are waiting to be identified. Players can go on for hours and never run out of questions.
Taking the first steps in acquiring knowledge about the world is always challenging. The experience should be as positive as possible to encourage further progress. Let a quick ABC game free the child’s potential. It’s an engaging way to start reading simple words in a matter of days.

ABC Game is one of the best Learning Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
ABC Game has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 2.1 / 5 with 7 votes.

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ABC Game Video Walkthrough

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