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Hybrid of "snake" and "xonix" two iconic games of the past century is embodied in "". A certain picture is attached to each player and they need to expand this picture across the map just like in the time-honored "xonix". However, unlike the original game where you are hindered by randomly moving monsters, here you come across with other players who strive to capture more territories. At first, when you just log in the game you don’t find any difficulty. But as soon as you notice that your score is hard-and-fast going up, in the heat of passion you will forget about precautions and crawl to longer distances. In a moment you grow so excited that either you will not find the way back or will be eaten by a crawling nearby snake.


Using arrow buttons on keyboard you can navigate the snake. Various bonuses improving your life are also available, for example letter Q-acceleration, W-ability to creep across other snakes, E-map zooming.

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