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Modern electronics usually make everyday life a lot more comfortable. However, certain analog devices never go out of style. A classic 12-hour timepiece is a shining example. The original circular layout stemmed from the nuances of the mechanism. Nowadays, showing basic sequences of numbers on digital displays is a trivial matter. And yet, the traditional look doesn’t seem to be going away. Regardless of why that is, reading an old-fashioned watch remains a useful skill. Clock Puzzle for Kids is a game that revolves around practicing it. The goal of this simple quiz is obvious from its title. The player has to interpret the positions of the hour and minute hands. They change at random at the start of each round. Select one of the provided answers and see if the guess was correct.

Timeless Design

Combining education with entertainment is a challenging undertaking. The majority of attempts to accomplish it result in failure on both counts. But in this case, the developers managed to make it work. Their product is both amusing and informative, which is a rare occurrence on Kevin Games. It immediately attracts attention, thanks to the following qualities:

  • Straightforward and accessible gameplay with easy-to-understand rules
  • Numerous levels of varying difficulty
  • Crisp 2D graphics, vibrant colors, and satisfying sound effects
  • Delightful visuals and whimsical music that create an enchanting atmosphere

The experience is intended primarily for children, but is suitable for audiences of all ages. Anyone who wants to get better at telling time will definitely appreciate this gem.

How to Play Clock Puzzle for Kids

Navigate the menus with the mouse cursor. Begin the playthrough and look at the dial. Once the hands settle, note which numbers they are pointing at. The short one indicates hours. For instance, if it resides between 2 and 3, then it’s 2 o’clock. Its longer counterpart helps determine how many minutes have passed in the current hour. The easiest way to read it is to divide the circle into several equal segments. 12 conventionally constitutes the beginning of a new cycle. By the same logic, 6 is a halfway point, which specifies the 30-minute mark. So, if the indicator rests on 9, the right interpretation is 45 minutes. Together, that amounts to 2:45. Find the appropriate option in the selection below and left-click to confirm the choice.
A stylish wristwatch makes for an awesome birthday or holiday gift. Unfortunately, using it is not as intuitive as it may seem. Clock Puzzle for Kids is a free collection of exercises that will alleviate the problem. Learn the technique and master it to make the process a breeze.

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