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Migmighty Magicwords the Quest of Tower


Magic spells, fireballs, curses… This is the reality of the Migmighty Magicwords the Quest of Tower online. Become a powerful force that can stop waves of enemies. Send your best heroes to guard the road and don't let creatures into the castle. Ready to become the commander of magicians?

What it All Looks Like

The mechanics of every round are simple. You see a road that leads to the castle, located in the lower part. Opponents come from above, strictly following the route. The moment they reach it, you lose heat points. Your goal is to stop them with towers. They do nothing on their own but can hold a warrior. You’ll have 2 types of fortifications:

  • Temporary. You send here soldiers who shoot at foes. But they last only a limited amount of time. So, you constantly renew the protection.
  • Permanent. There are 2 mighty heroes at your side. They withstand the whole round without any boosts from your side.

Play Migmighty Magicwords the Quest of Tower: Dark and Light Forces

Sending soldiers costs gems. The stronger they are, the more you need. There is only 1 way to earn them: keep killing. As your opponents vanish, they leave precious diamonds behind. Collect them and use them wisely.
Your enemies are very diverse. Roughly, they are divided into 3 categories: weak, medium, and hard. For example, yellow squirrels are not very dangerous and die after a couple of hits. The same applies to green snakes. But their red alternatives are very durable with huge HP bars.
Knowing that helps you organize the defense in the most effective way. Your troops are also divided into classes. Some shoot fast but don’t cause a lot of damage. Others are a bit slower but more dangerous for your enemies.

Special Features

There are 2 impressive spells to give your army an edge:

  • Press a button with a snail to slow down all your opponents. It’s helpful when there are a lot of them. And you need more time to take them down.
  • Click the icon with lightning on it to empower your troops. It applies to temporary towers. A special indicator shows the time they can stand. When it comes to an end, recharge it with this special action.
    The problem is, you need to wait to launch them again. But it’s a powerful weapon to use in heated battles.


The title is divided into 3 levels, each featuring different biomes. For example, one is set near volcanoes. 5 missions are waiting for you in each of these locations. Wanna enjoy the Migmighty Magicwords the Quest of Tower free of charge? Try it on Kevin Games. It provides fans with high-quality content without requiring any payment.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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