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Another one IO game, but it’s not less cool as previous. Don’t you interested in trying that wonderful game? Now you have a chance! There’s no time to tell you about game features – let it be a surprise. We can only hint that it’s a multiplayer game, like others in IO collection. You need to learn some rules to feel yourself like a boss. It’s a very simple game, thereby it acquired a big army of fans you will join to.

Quests are easy, but on early stages, you need to get some experience. The game rate is so high, and it’s difficult to understand game rules in one second. You will see the form that you need to fill. It divided on some categories. You’re free to choose your nickname. Then you will get to the dark arena, which is filled with small dots. You need to guess what to do with them, just don’t ignore the process. The game requires play with actions. The main idea of it – to win or become the leader due to your intelligence and agility. In addition, you are able to do a funny trics. Use your abilities and try to win!

Controls: ERUI – moving;

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