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What do you know about rock-paper-scissors? Kinda exciting and a simple way to decide who is right. But what if someone makes it into an relic guardians arcade ver. dx game free? Behold - the most complex rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock challenge!

What anime game is?

It’s a classic turn-based RPG. You have 4 heroes in total. Each one has his own stats and special. They go into a portal to gather all ancient artifacts by slaying the enemies. But don’t take it easy. Your opponents have nearly the same skills and won’t hesitate to use them. Another advantage you have is consumables that can be used at any time of a battle.

Tactics in relic guardians arcade ver. dx game online

From the first sight all this can look difficult and unpausable. That’s why Kevin Games gives you a little tip-and-tricks guide right here. First - use Hero abilities. Each warrior is better in one situation and worse in another one. It’s not a literal rock-paper-scissor game so doing strats really is working. For example, the second character has an ability to do a double attack. So making damage more often gives you advantages over your enemy. 

Play relic guardians arcade ver. dx game yourself and find out what story can offer you. Survive all encounters and try saving all companions at the end.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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