Residence of Evil

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Residence of Evil is a survival horror adventure game that is currently in development by MoonGlint. It's a completely independent project inspired by the famous classic Resident Evil games. As most people know, the latest installation of the popular franchise were actually very good, although not at all faithful to the chilling atmosphere of the early games. A group of indie developers decided to create their own take on the genre and create something that would satisfy the hardcore fans.

So what can they bring to the table? First of, we are getting the classic pre-rendered environments instead of the fully 3D ones. Back in the day they were a necessity, but today they are more of an omage to the unique vibe of the franchise. Thankfully, modern computers can handle backgrounds in very high resolutions, so they will look better than ever.

Another big thing about those games were the multi-step puzzles that were super mysterious and sometimes even escaped all logic and felt surreal in the urban surroundings. Residence of Evil is bringing those back as well, which is great news.

The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4, which usually means great quality and optimization. Since the game will be released for free, there's no reason not to try play Residence of Evil online as soon as it's released.

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