Money movers


Money movers


Money movers is a series of puzzle adventure games about two unlikely heroes - fugitives trying to break out of prison. They must work together to outsmart the security systems, overcome every obstacle and make it out of the facility to regain their freedom.

In Money Movers two players can control the characters separately, but even one person can play this game with no issue: use the same keyboard to direct the heroes with WASD and arrow keys at the same time. How you play is completely up to you, but having a multiplayer option is always a welcome addition.

When you start a new Money Movers game you are shown a short prologue and thrown right into action. The first levels demonstrate how the game operates: our protagonists have different physical traits and abilities, so they must use them appropriately and cooperate in creative ways if they want to get out. One of them is short, thin and agile, the other - tall, heavy and strong. If one cannot reach a platform, the second one can stand under it to give his friend a lift.

Fans of Money Movers play these games wherever they are, since it doesn't take a powerful desktop to run them. A stable internet connection and a modern browser are all you need to enjoy these beautifully crafted titles.