MY NBA 2k18

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Welcome to the mobile card game from the creators of the NBA2k franchise. You have to build your own unique deck of cards. Each card will depict a basketball player from one of the NBA teams, who has playing characteristics similar to real ones. These five players will be your team, which will go through various tests and compete against other players together with you. For each win, you will be given the chance to catch stronger players from gift sets, who will strengthen the team and let you achieve new heights. During a match, you will have to choose players to compete against an opponent. If the opponent attacks, choose defensemen, whose ability to counter is higher, if you attach yourself, engage forwards. When assembling your lineup for the game, keep in mind that you will have to stand on the defensive and attack more than once, and it is better not to compose your whole team of similar players. Also, MY NBA 2k is a companion for NBA2k versions for PC, PS4, XBOX. Thanks to MY NBA, you will be able to always stay connected with your friends in the game, and receive various bonuses that are available only to the owners of the MY NBA 2k18 application.

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