Played 1815 times is very different from the other io games, here you interact with other players only indirectly, here you don’t need to kill or substitute your opponent. Your task is to go through the level as far as you can. There are a lot of levels available to you with lots of various obstacles which are designed to complicate your way to the finish line. The farther you go, than the more points you get, and that’s how you compete with other players. In your control is given a ball, which constantly bounces on a certain height, and your task is to confidently control the height of its jumps, so as not to run into another spike, or not to fall in lava, which will lead to your death and resetting your results. But the game is not so simple, because you in real-time mode together with other users going through the exact same level, and it’s possible, that you are perfectly calculated trajectory of your jump, but then out of nowhere came another player that touches you, thereby knocking you out from your trajectory, which can lead to undesirable consequences!


Control is entirely responsibility of the mouse, by mouse you control jumps of your ball.

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