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Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3d mobile
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Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3d


You are on the right path if you are a fan of a fighting genre. Play Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3d game to experience a new level of violence. With weapons littered around, as well as hordes of criminals, it is a cool journey. Enhance your kung-fu mechanics and learn to hit with anything that gets into your hands. Even with a bottle or frying pan.

Tough Goal, Engaging Content

The adventure pits you against criminal bands that have gained control over the city. Your mission is to get rid of every single one with fists and shedding blood. Enemies come at you from all sides. Strive both to survive and keep fulfilling your duty.

The Stick Game: First Gym, Then War

Before you use your rage to crush your opponents, get your body prepared. There is a training room where you can study the control system. And think about strategies to apply to be more successful in fights.
When you are out in the open, foes will attack right away. So, act fast and don’t leave them a chance to hurt you. A tip: grab objects found in abundance anywhere you go. They are more effective than bare hands.

Weapons in Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3d Game Online

Things to hit with are not bought in an in-game store. You pick them up yourself when you are in action. They are very diverse:

  • Bottles
  • Shot-guns
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Frying pans
  • Steel bars
  • Turn-screws
  • And many other weird elements

With over 20 in total, they make the adventure dynamic.

100 Levels to Perfect Your Skills

Round after round, you gain the experience necessary to unlock other characters. They are more powerful and look stunning. For example, one of them has a wild helmet with horns. Discover the rest yourself!
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    1. Sylvia Serna 19 february 2022, 23:28
      everyone has innapropriate names
      1. nate 09 november 2021, 15:34
        bro took me a while to figure out to hit but its realy fun
        1. gibran 14 september 2021, 21:49
          I Love this game is fun.
          1. William 16 october 2021, 20:27
            how do u play
            1. nate 10 november 2021, 16:30
              z znd x is fighting z is punch x is kick