The Impossible Quiz


If you think you’re good at solving puzzles play The Impossible Quiz and think again – this deceptively simple point and click game tricks you into thinking you’re about to answer some basic questions by picking one of the four available answers, but the reality is far more complicated. Every question is designed to deceive you and the right answer is more than likely the least obvious one.

Every new The Impossible Quiz game gives you 3 lives which you can run out of by choosing the incorrect answers. Going through the whole game without starting over once is highly unlikely: you will need to get used to thinking outside the box if you want to win. Give it a try on Kevin Games and see if you can solve every stage!

The Impossible Quiz is one of the best Thinking Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
The Impossible Quiz has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.9 / 5 with 389 votes.

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  1. katrina arnold katrina arnold 24 october 2020, 04:50
    what that suppose to mean
    1. brobro brobro 25 october 2020, 16:49
      i like this but you should make it when u die you stay on the same level
      1. AchilliesGirlkiller AchilliesGirlkiller 26 october 2020, 05:41
        I don't get it. What is so imposible about the quiz
        1. alex alex 27 october 2020, 02:54
          what is this game
          1. jazmine jazmine 27 october 2020, 21:02
            Some of the questions I do not get and some of the questions are the same thing and I get it wrong I give the game a thubs down
            1. Ashley Ashley 30 october 2020, 21:45
              This game is so fun
              1. Courtney Courtney 02 november 2020, 15:27
                I know
              2. vicky vicky 02 november 2020, 01:44
                IM RAGING HOW IS IT SO HARD?! x'D
                1. Courtney Courtney 02 november 2020, 15:21
                  This game is so hard I only get passed question 3
                  1. Courtney Courtney 02 november 2020, 15:22
                    I can’t get passed level 3
                    1. jasmine jasmine 07 november 2020, 23:30
                      1. Izzy Izzy 09 november 2020, 20:21
                        I think it is so cool
                        1. Shine Shine 10 november 2020, 16:06
                          I love this game it is so cool
                          1. Ez_Plz8o6 Ez_Plz8o6 11 november 2020, 22:39
                            2 Ez
                            1. smantha baliey smantha baliey 13 november 2020, 02:28
                              lol i know right its not hard
                              1. bb bb 16 november 2020, 04:59
                                1. Oscar Barrow Oscar Barrow 20 november 2020, 09:50
                                  guys you now ssundee did this quiz and he's a famous youtuber
                                  1. leoni leoni 03 december 2020, 17:22