3.1/5 stars (60 votes)

Despite a wide range of videogames, it’s very hard to find a good one. But is that a disadvantage? Of course, not, because you can find really exciting games and enjoy them twice as much. You will see that in new game “GeoArena” It’s an addition to IO game collection. It has the same principles as his clones, but there are you can find more functions. The game adapts to the tastes of player. You’re free to choose the weapon to fight, and you can choose other things. For example, the main part of combat – the ship – is very important, you should buy it carefully.

Variety here is good – developers of GeoArena decided do not make the game too complicated – and they chose a geometrical figures as distinctive signs. You can become a circle, a square, an x-like square or a star. Besides, there is a powerful equipment, but it can be got by players who got sufficient number of points. The game includes such weapons as blasters and cannons with different firepower. Also you will see the skils “Meditate”, “Vengeance”, “Focus”, “Guard” and “Rage”. To make the game more colorful, you can change the arena. But if you don’t like to change everything, you can choose the default settings.


WASD – moving;

LMB – shooting;

Mouse Aim – shooting direction;

Shift – change weapons;

Space – use skills.