Played 1547 times is an acronym for Strike Tactics Battle Arena. If you're familiar with Strike Tactics - a browser RTS, you will be glad to learn that this game is a spin-off within that same franchise.

STBA is immediately appealing thanks to its striking colorful visuals - the quality of its 2D graphics is really high by IO games standards. Because of that it may run a little slow on older machines, and the players better make sure they're using Chrome's hardware acceleration feature. The vehicles are beautifully designed and inspired by some of the most loved sci-fi franchises including Star Trek, Star Wars and many others.

In the beginning you're given the choice of many aircrafts you can control to defeat enemies and stay alive for as long as possible - that is your ultimate goal. The better you become at playing this game, the more points you earn and the more new units you unlock.

Each unit has its own mechanics, special abilities and characteristics. It's important to go through all of them to develop your skills and settle on the playstyle that fits you the most.

Whenever a unit is destroyed, a new one appears in its place, but it drains the finite supply of the team's base. When that number reaches zero, the base is destroyed and the enemy team wins. is a great war game for anyone who's into sci-fi.