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Game «» will please all fans of football. Although there is a limitation of number of players, but it does not matter. You can always find the empty soccer field and join a certain team. 16 or 8 sportsmen can play at the same time, it all depends on the selected server. At first press Exit key, to get into the settings, and then choose a nickname.

You are going to run for the ball which looks like a colored dot, and your character will be look like a blue or red circle. Wherein next to these circles there is a line of life. You need to watch this line, in order to live in this game and achieve victory. Kick a ball, transfer the passes, earn the points, that you need to achieve victory. But don’t confuse enemy gates with your own, otherwise you will lose.

Game «» have a lot of tips, when a and what keys of your keyboard use to kick and move through arena. All pointers are at the bottom of the gaming surface, in every moment you can see them and apply. Try to achieve significant success in this great game. And may this match is not so colorful, but this match is no less entertaining, than in real life. Have fun and win your match. Good luck.