Full Metal Furies

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Full Metal Furies is a battle RPG with co-op in mind from the developers of the renowned Rouge Legacy. A vigilant squad of four furies travels around the world protecting it from all manner of danger.

Every character has a unique set of abilities which can be effectively combined with the skills of the others to achieve victory. There are so many available combinations that every gamer will be able to come up with his or her own playstyle.

There are more than 70 types of enemies in the game and they are not at all the same: in order to defeat them you will need to try various combinations of skills and strategies and really think like a team. Cellar Door Games promise some real freedom in terms of choice of the available gameplay mechanics that suit the player.

The dynamic gameplay is accompanied by really nice pixelart-inspired graphics and awesome music that will get you pumped for new battles.

Despite being a co-op game, Full Metal Furies also features a single player mode which allows you to switch between two of the characters instantaneously. Whether alone or with a party of friends, feel free to explore the levels and come up with new cool ways to play this fast paced team based brawler.

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