Played 1247 times – is a game about zombie apocalypse, where your main goal is to survive at any cost. On the game map you can pick up some items, which helps you to stay alive. Let’s start from the hiding places. Game playground contains many buildings that you can use as a save zones: you can enter and take a breath, zombies won’t destroy it. But there’s one problem – when you’re relaxing, the zombies will flock to your house and surround it. Result is obvious – zombie can’t allow you to go away with it. You certainly will get some damage. In survival you can use different types of weapons, able to kill zombies with varied efficiency. Try to use all of them, because canister of gasoline can help in one situation, but not the fact pistol help there too. Good luck in survival, we hope you will not become one of THEM, they are too many today.


Mouse Aim – player move direction;

LMB – shooting;

Mouse Scroll – change weapons;