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Just recently another space io game «» has been released. If you follow the novelties of this series, than you have met a lot of this kind of games. Every each of them has its pros and cons of. And to add up the overall impression about new game, you need to go through to the end.

In this game you will move between huge balls that reminiscent planets or large asteroids. In intergalactic space you will fight for dominance with other ships, equipped with cannons. Moving and shooting your ammunition, you will earn points so you can climb in rating table on sufficiently high level.

The game is not difficult, especially for experienced gamer. Developers have presented only beta-version, so any flaws will be corrected in the future. Game «» is pretty simple and primitive, but lets be not so strict with its first realization. Complete the game, and write to the developers about errors, bugs and glitches. We wish you to have a great fun in company of your friends and complete strangers. Fight and win. Good luck.

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