Played 2268 times a new io game among io projects that is becoming very popular among the fans of shooters. impresses you by well- thought physics and an interesting game play. Due to this features, the game has a really good quality. All fans of shooters will be delighted. You will play for a bright character, the aim is to kill as many enemies as possible.

You have a katana and a pistol that will stay with you till the end of the round. The secret of victory is simple: you should kill your enemies more frequently than your opponents during the set period of time, and then you will inevitably occupy the first place in the leaders’ rating. Try to improve the level of your character, by means of defeating the enemies. The higher your level, the higher percent of health is available to you. And it is very important, if you aim is to survive and to defeat the enemies.


To move your character, use WASD keys. To shoot from the pistol, click the left button of the mouse. To use the katana, click the right button of the mouse. To speed up immediately, press the SPACE, it will help you to escape from a risky situation.